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Our kitchen garden truly is the beating heart of Longueville. We are proud that most of our produce is carefully grown in our three-acre Walled Kitchen Garden or foraged from the boundary hedgerows that surround the 400 acre estate. Seasonal vegetables, oriental greens, herbs and much of the summer and autumn fruit are grown in the garden and in two poly-tunnels on the east side of the house and worthwhile investigating. It is carefully toiled by a dedicated duo of gardeners, Anthony and Shirley, who will enthusiastically confirm how our menu changes by the day, depending on what is deemed to be in excellent condition. What cannot be grown in our kitchen garden will be sourced within a 20km radius, and the beautiful Blackwater Valley has no shortage of local artisan suppliers. This is a truly genuine way of running our kitchen and centrepoint to our uncomplicated cooking ethos with emphasis squarely on fresh, clean flavours.


Busy Longueville bees pollinate and live in the orchards producing honey for the house. Here in Longueville we have been self-sufficient for a very long time - way before it got trendy.

There is also a 30-acre cider apple orchard from which an excellent craft apple cider is produced for our other business, Longueville Beverages. Simply named Longueville House Cider. In addition, a double distillation Apple Brandy is made from some of this cider, called Longueville House Apple Brandy.

Both of these products are available through independent off licences and multiples.

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Exclusively Yours, Groups and Private Hire