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Longueville House Ciders


The Longueville House Ciders

Longueville House Cider's range has earned a reputation of quality - rapidly becoming a major hit in many restaurants and licensed premises throughout Ireland, U.K. Europe and The U.S.A. (O'Callaghan's Irish Cider available in the U.S).

Our crop of Dabinett and Michelin apples are harvested in late October, once picked the apples are crushed and pressed in the Cider Mill on the estate. The pressed juice is left to naturally ferment over a period of two to six months. This happens with the conversion of wild yeasts, particular to the orchards and environs of Longueville. The newely fermented cider sits for a further 6 months. The result being a rich, amber coloured cider, full of character and oodles of flavour. There are no added sugars nor sweetners/no chapalization, colourings, additives, sulphites or preservatives used at any stage during the production and manufacturing process of the ciders. The entire process from apple seed to cider fermentation happens here on the farm.

Longueville Original Cider (5.5% ABV)                                                      The cider is bottled in 500ml glass and sold as Longueville House Cider. A medium-dry cider with a fresh apple flavour, Longueville House Cider is a deliciously refreshing, clean, crisp craft cider, traditionally made. It's the 'real deal'.

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Longueville House Cider Mor (8% ABV)                                                     Introducing our latest cider, Longueville Mór. The word Mór is the Gaelic/Irish for big, great, grand. Longueville Mór Cider is fermented and aged for one year in old french brandy casks. Four to six years later when the Apple Brandy is removed from the same casks, the  casks are refilled with freshly pressed apple juice from our estate orchards for one year. This results in a significantly 'Mór' taste - Mór depth, Mór well rounded, Mór balanced, Mór character, Mór flavour and way Mór enjoyment! Longueville Mór is a very drinkable but quietly deceiving cider because it doesn't taste as strong as an 8% cider should, you will however realise its strength about half way through the bottle! You have been warned...Slainte!


Longueville House - Hot Apple Cider

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Longueville House Cider Awards 

 Gold Medal Winner Blas na h-Eireann


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Dan Duggan and William O'Callaghan


Guild of Fine Food Great Taste Award 2018

Silver Medal at the Alltech Dublin Cider Cup 2018


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Longueville Mor Awards

Guild of Fine Food Great Taste Three Stars & The Golden Fork Award 2019

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Gold Medal Winner Blas na h-Eireann 2019 

Overall Champion & Gold Medal at the Alltech Dublin Cider Cup 2018

Silver Medal at the Alltech Dublin Cider Cup 2017

"Highly Commended" Beoir Champion Cider of Ireland Competition 2017  


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