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Fishing in The Blackwater River
Fishing at Longueville House Mallow County Cork
Mark Rich and Son fishing on a Thundery Blackwater
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Private Fly Fishing at Longueville House


The river Blackwater has been noted for a good run of salmon over the years, traditionally with spring fish arriving in February/March, and a late run of autumn salmon in August/September. There is also an excellent brown trout population in the Longueville stretch, making for fantastic sport throughout the fishing season.

The season opens at Longueville House on 1st February and it closes on 30th September annually.
We offer one and a half miles of private fishing beats on the Blackwater River adjoining the estate, approx. 45 miles upstream from the river estuary at Cappoquin.

Ghillie and Equipment


All fishing tackle and Ghillie service can be arranged if required when given a little notice. We highly recommend the use of a Ghillie for those who have not fished before or are new to the Blackwater. Our experienced guides have extensive knowledge of the river in all weather conditions. This can be the difference between a blank day and landing a fish. Ghillie service costs €120 per day from one to four rods and €90 for half a day (under three hours).

We have a limited number of rods, reels and lines available to suit the conditions at Longueville. Please enquire in advance should you need to book these. 
Wading is normal practice due to the size and nature of the Blackwater and its gravel bed. Whilst we are endeavouring to make all pools fishable from the bank, the wading angler will enjoy greater access to all the lies than the bank angler. We have a limited number of waders available in Longueville. Again please let us know in advance should you wish to avail of these.

Pricing Policy and Records

Salmon fishing fee is €85 per rod per day for resident guests and Trout fishing fee is €30 per rod per day for resident guests. 
For our Non-Resident Guests, the salmon fishing fee is €100 and trout fishing fee is €50 subject to availability.

All anglers must be in possession of a valid state rod licence.
This licence (statutory) can be supplied by the the reception team in Longueville to our resident guests at a cost of €20 per day.
All salmon and sea trout over 40cm that are kept must be tagged and logbook completed accordingly (both tags and log book are supplied with licence).